About Us

PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Co. Reg. No: 909790-A) has been incorporated in Malaysia since 29th July 2010. With only 5 work force at the beginning, we are now has grown to more than 25 in a period of  less than 5 years.

Our core business is producing Halal (Certified by JAKIM) steamed bun (or more commonly known as pau or pao or bao, in Malaysia & Asian Countries) for the global Halal market. Our objective is to introduce the Malaysian multicultural tastes to the world. Some of our unique tastes of Paus include Sambal Petai Pau (our signature product), Rendang Beef, Rendang Chicken and Curry Chicken. Others are BBQ chicken, Red Bean Paste, Kaya, Coconut & Chocolate. We are constantly developing new flavours and tastes for the market.
Besides Pau, we are also developing a range of pastry products like Curry Puff, Rolls, Tarts and Pies, again with unique and aromatic flavours.

“Mamaku” is the Registered Trade Mark of all products produced by PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

Product of PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd has always been produced within the high & stringent Quality Assurance environment. Food Safety has always been our top concern in food manufacturing. That’s the reason that we have the ISO 22000 Certification done in 2015 besides JAKIM’s Halal Certification.

Customers’ satisfaction is always being our top priorities in this business.